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Opening Hours

08.00 to 18.30 Monday to Friday


Market Place Surgery

Cattle Market, Sandwich Kent CT13 9ET

Tel: 01304 619790 Fax: 01304 610489

Situated alongside the main town car park behind the Guildhall

Eastry Surgery

High Street, Eastry Kent CT13 0HE

Tel: 01304 611608 Fax: 01304 611682

Located in the High Street adjacent to the village car park.

Registration & New Patients

If you have a medical card, please hand this to the receptionist, in any case you will be asked to complete a short form with details of your previous address and GP.

It is not possible to register with a particular doctor as all registrations are with the Practice, however you may express a preference to receive care from a particular GP. This request will be held on your medical records and we will do our best to accommodate you in this.

If you change your address within the Practice area, your telephone number or other details, please notify the Practice in writing as soon as possible.

New Patient Medical Checks

We offer all new patients the opportunity to make an appointment for a medical when they register with the Practice.

These are conducted by the Practice Nurse and include basic health checks and the opportunity to discuss any medical problems at the earliest opportunity.

This is particularly important as your notes will not arrive from your previous GP for several weeks after you register with us.